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Health Insurance while in PA program

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Hi everyone!


I was seeing if anyone had advice for what they did for health insurance while they were in school.

The school I'm going to offers one but it comes out over 200$ per month and I was seeing if any one had any suggestions to anything cheaper but still good insurance?


Thanks so much!

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Our platform enriches employees’ lives at home and at work by providing them with easy ways to save, earn rewards and access low-risk financial relief solutions. if you want more information about compensation and rewards you can read this link
https://multikrd.com/beyond-compensation-and-rewards-good-working-relationships/?fbclid=IwAR0snR1ExMv1w2ea2d7O-6vFnmuO8Zv6shf6QT76stOI9Sn15hNz1UCnVH4 regards

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