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Need 2 PAs and 40 EMT-Ps for Forward Operating Bases in A'stan...

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This was sent to my personal email today.


For those inclined...


I wanted to take this opportunity to advise you of a probable forthcoming requirement Frontier Medical will have for US registered PA-Cs for a contract in Afghanistan.


The project would be working and supervising EMT-Ps at Forward Operating Bases (FOB's) in Afghanistan providing medical care to the companies employees (expatriates) and some of their sub contractors (possibly some Afghan local national content).


Duties would include management of a sick-call and any subsequent examinations and treatment, occupational medical treatment to work related injury or illness and emergency medical care limited to first response/stabilisation and/or triage services.


The PA-Cs would be provided with full security provisions from our client.

The role is not a PSD position as your previous positions have been!

These are Static positions.!


The project facilities will include tented or fabric structures with heat, lights and electricity, full food, laundry and morale welfare and recreation facilities will also be made available for every PA-C & Medic.


The rotation for the role would be a 12 weeks in country/ two weeks at home. The project would commence between end October 2010 - middle of December 2010 (subsequent to the processing of security clearances)


The initial phase of the project would be eight months, followed by two possible one year contract extensions. We would be looking for PA-Cs & EMT-P's who would be willing to commit to at least the first eight months.


I wanted to inform you of the opportunity and ask if you or anyone you know may be interested in finding out more about the project.


The project requires 40 EMT-Ps and 2 Certified Physician Assistants so if you do know anyone who you would like to recommend to Frontier, please do not hesitate in passing on my contact details.




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From what I remember it's a place where cold water is a luxury.... Just kidding, I'm sure the contractors are living good because they don't have the fraud waste and abuse the military is prone to. They actually pay the legitimate cost for what they buy so they have better stuff. I'd do it if I weren't active duty. Ask key questions. You want net access (resourcing and family contact) and a phone (resourcing and family contact). Ask about mail delivery (in case you want to buy something from the states). Security. Amount of time off the FOB (you're not a Soldier getting judged as a coward or not, you're a contractor getting paid commiserate with your level of responsibility and exposure). Number of PA's working for them. Get some Email addresses and email the PAs they work with to get their ideas and thoughts on quality of life and what to bring. If you go, work hard. Small communities mean reputation moves QUICKLY! and in many cases into other communities as well.

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