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New Grad GI position- fair pay/benefits?

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I have secured a job for when I graduate at the end of March, assuming I pass my PANCE April 5th. I was offered 85k base salary, with 10% of my collected amount after covering my overhead costs. My SP says that this will be somewhere after seeing 22 patients a day, with 25+ being the goal after around 6 months (9 hour shift, M-F). I am offered health insurance, malpractice, 1500 for CME annually that carries over every year to 1800 max, covering my state licensing fees, 401k with 4.5% match after a year, etc. In addition to my base salary and bonus percentage. 

I am just curious to see if anyone can help me out as far as how much I should be expected to bring in with this set up? How much are you actually COLLECTING per patient? 

Trying to plan out my future finances with student loans and planning for retirement very early, also would like to purchase a house some day in the future. I have no other expenses (car is paid off, splitting rent with my boyfriend that’s extremely cheap, family company phone bill paid, etc.) 

Is this a fair amount as a New Grad PA in GI? I will be living in Arizona. 

thank you in advance! 



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I have no point of reference for COL etc in AZ, nor do I have a remote idea of what you can expect to collect in GI.

That patient load is pretty rough though, unless you came from a GI background in your prior life. Ensure you've got easy access to your collaborating physician or the other APCs in the clinic.

Grab the AAPA salary report to get a general idea of where your specialty is at in your location. It's not perfect but it helps.

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Thank you! The AAPA new grad salary report is lower than what I am being offered. However, the AAPA salary report for “0-1” years experience is approximately 96k. This is why it is so confusing to me. 

My SP and I will be the only providers, working side by side in a private outpatient clinic that she owns. Established 3 years ago, growing fast, upsizing offices now. She plans to hire another APP in the near future as well. 

I am being offered 4-6 weeks of strictly shadowing/training which I believe is very helpful. She then wants me seeing about 8 a day, then 15 around 3 months, with 22-25 the goal around 6 months as I feel comfortable. 

I am assuming that I will be paid the same without bonus during this shadowing period? I have no idea, something I need to inquire about as well. Does anyone have similar experience with a “training period”? 

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