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Advice Needed!

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Hello, I am a non traditional student, looking for advice! I am in my second to last semester of biology undergrad currently and deciding whether or not to apply this cycle. I am a RDH, which I am considering my PCE. I also scribed in the ER for 300 hours last summer until the company lost their contract w the hospital due to COVID. 

My cGPA: 3.2 

sGPA: 3.5 (not 100% sure but definitely higher than my cumulative because when I started college in 2015, I got F's and D's my first year in mostly non-science courses. I graduated hygiene school with a 3.5 and past 2 years, I've gotten A's on my classes (mostly the sciences like bio 1,2 chem 1,2 orgo 1,2 etc.)

PCE: ~1200 (counting scribing, hygiene, but did not include hygiene school clinicals) 

LOR: a dentist I work for, a gen chem professor I TA for, and still working on the 3rd one (I have more dentists offering to write me one but I want to get a PA!) 

Shadowing: none officially yet but I have a few contacts (they did say no shadowing currently but might be opening back up soon) 

GRE: not taken yet 

Volunteering: 50 hours, applied to volunteer at covid vaccine clinics with health department but no response yet 

Another catch is: I have a Class A misdemeanor conviction in 2018, 12 mo probation ended 2019. *I caught my then partner cheating on me and lost my cool- oops* but yeah, I am really nervous about this one. I was also arrested with domestic violence at the same time but that was dropped (apparently very common in my state according to the sheriffs at the jail lmao) so I'm not sure if that's going to affect much or if I explain it, they may sort of understand???

So should I apply this cycle or wait until next and work as a hygienist to rack up some more patient care experience hours? (or find another way to get different hours? Hygiene just pays me so well that I hesitate on other jobs sometimes LOL especially when I was scribing and earning 3xs less but the experience was great!) 

Thank you all in advance. 

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So from what I know, and this is very dependent on several factors, but some states/regions have the option to deny you licensure and/or certification if you have a misdemeanor or felony.

So, while the school may accept you, you might be prohibited from gaining licensure upon graduation. Again, very state and region/program dependent but schools will run national background checks on you prior to admission. Be upfront and honest. When in doubt, talk to a lawyer or look into state regulations. 

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