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Sharing My PS (Accepted to Duke)

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I was blessed to have a very successful cycle and many of my interviewers said my personal statement was the most unique one they had read. 

PM me and I'll send you a copy! 


Oremus Pro Invicem


(This is soley provided to help you see generate ideas and create your own .) 

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I am applying to PA school this round and will be applying to Duke!! If possible I would LOVE  to read your personal statement essay for a reference example! Hope you are enjoying the program so far. My email is carolinebueche@gmail.com . 


Caroline Bueche

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Hi! First of all congratulations on your PA acceptance, that must be so exciting!

My name is Marina and I am a first time applicant this cycle. I saw your recent post on the personal statement forum and saw that you offered to send your PS for generating ideas/thoughts on writing our own PS. I would love to be able to read your PS for guidance.

My e-mail is: studentmarinadel@gmail.com


Thank you so so much, I appreciate it! Best wishes on your new journey in PA School!

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Congratulations on getting into Duke's PA program. I came across your post about your personal essay and decide to reach out as I need all the help I can possibly get cause I would love to get in this cycle. Would really appreciate if I can get a copy of yours so I can use it as a guideline with mine.

My email is onabajod@yahoo.com 

Thank you.


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