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Our private practice family medicine clinic is in the process of creating a position for a PA or NP which would participate in leadership meetings, help train new hires, help recruit new providers, attend community meetings, help update office policy, etc. I know some practices call positions like this "Head PA" or "Head APP", are there any other examples of titles for this type of position? We've used the title "Liaison" for this position before when the responsibility was really just attending leadership meetings within the office, but this seems too narrow for the rest of the proposed responsibilities. 

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    • By Mopac
      Hi all. Our EM practice is in the works of developing a head PA/NP position (manager in a sense). Currently we have a liaison who is a physician-but the physician wants to turn it over to the APPs. Since this is a new trial process for our group, I wanted to reach out and see what the job description and stipend/benefits your group gives to the PA/NP who is essentially "in charge" of the APPs at your practice. If you could tell me the type of practice you work in, location (state), job description for head APP (rough expectations), and stipend/benefits for that position I would greatly appreciate it. 
    • By SEMPA
      SEMPA is excited to roll out its new Mentoring Program specifically created for PAs new to emergency medicine; PA students interested in launching their career; or any seasoned emergency medicine PAs looking to advance and expand their profession and practice.

      How it works is that you fill out the online application and we match you with an experienced PA who can help guide your career. SEMPA mentors have years of experience in all types of ED settings and they have a wide variety of specialty interests. We will do our utmost best to match you with someone based on your profile and/or the specifics you give us so that you can get the most out of your mentoring experience.

      A SEMPA mentor can help with:
      Finding a job, preparing for a job interview and navigating contracts Understanding what emergency medicine educational resources are available What you can expect from the specialty Tips and tricks in making it through your shifts Guidance on moving up in emergency medicine Leadership development for new EMPA leaders And much more!
      Any SEMPA member is eligible to apply for a mentor through the SEMPA Mentoring Program. All you need is a desire to advance your career with the assistance of a mentor.

      Learn more and apply today! Get started here.
    • By Karlie
      I was a head coach for a club volleyball team during my freshman year of college. Does this count as something that would fall under the leadership experience tab in CASPA? I was in charge of creating our practices, communicating with parents and players, organizing tournament travel, etc. 
    • By mnpa12
      I live in MN and and undergoing a merge with a larger company.  I have almost 2 years of experience in orthopedics.  It is private practice single specialty.  They gave us an offer letter that we have to look over and sign before we begin our employment with them 1/1/17.
      Salary 94,000 no bonus. Call will remain same 1:4.  Offer seems low to me, but about the same that I am currently making, but I feel like I am underpaid now.
      24 days PTO
      1 week CME, $2500
      All of the other standard stuff
      My biggest concern on this letter is that my direct supervisor is my office manager who I do not particularly like since she does not understand my role/responsibilities, and would like to avoid this from happening.  Does anybody else have direct supervisor? Isn't it usually your physician?  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
    • By josier
      I'm having trouble finding where elected leadership positions in a college organization should be placed on CASPA. Does anyone have any recommendations? I was thinking either under the volunteer section or possibly achievements.
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