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retaking class advice

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Hi everyone

I am preparing to apply for the second time since I did not get accepted this cycle. I think what held me back the most was my low gpa. I am currently retaking Chem 1 and 2 because I got C's in those classes and most schools require those two classes as pre reqs. My question is should I bother retaking Gen Bio 1 and 2?...I also got C's in these classes, but for a lot of schools I didn't need to use those two classes for pre reqs. Or should I focus on taking upper level courses (Pathophysiology, Pharm, etc.) after I retake Chem? All other pre reqs (Genetics, Micro, Anatomy, Biochem) I got A's in. I'm just kinda torn about what route to take to improve my application, so any advice would be great! 

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