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Applied for "Standardized patient coordinator" position at a local medical school making half of my old pay....

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Was told the position was a manager level position and "assistants" did not qualify.  CV never made it to the second round even though I ran a clinic for 11 years.  

Our name is killing us.  It is becoming more than just disheartening, it's now full on depressing.  The worst part?  Not a damn thing individuals can do about it.  It's going to take half of the PA leadership in this country losing their jobs or being phased out for NP's before anything gets done.  By then, it will be too late.  Hell it probably is already.

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Yikes!! very scary. You are technically an internal candidate but "your PA professional  title"  automatically disqualifies you even though you may be the best candidate. 

How do we  redefine our profession? How do we highlight our clinical strengths?

I know folks won't want to hear this  but incorporating residency into our training programs.( yes program will be longer)

PA students are graduating with a ton of death. Inability to land a job can be devastating. Many PA's argue against mandating residency but joblessness is worse in the big scheme of things. Some say you lose the flexibility to move specialties but in this horrible job market,  ability to move specialty may be becoming a thing of the past. 

Why not just go to medical school  if residency is added to PA program? Sure that will be an individual choice. ( I advise everyone to bite the bullet and go to med school....time, loans....you can argue ) 

Break up residency into General surgery. Internal medicine. Pediatrics. Critical care. Emergency. OBGyn. 

NP's have taken over the turf completely. I have worked in several health systems and admin is dominated by nursing. Will be hard for PA to make a mark in the admin world. I believe by highlighting our clinical strength, we may secure our place back in  clinical medicine. 

We need to be very strategic regarding how we make our profession relevant again. 


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58 minutes ago, ventana said:



are you donating to the state PAC and Federal PAC


it is gonna cost money to fix this, not just posting on this site


We have to get on the roof tops - yell our brains out to the leaders, demand a name change - I now support MCP

full independence  

I donated for over 20 years... nothing on the name change as NP's lapped us.  At some point you realize we are throwing good money after bad...

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