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Honest opinion of my personal statement?

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My desire to become a PA came to me as a kid, when a family friend told me what his job was like being a Physician Assistant. I got the feeling that this is what I want to do when I grow up. A desire to help others has been with me since I was very young. One time I got into trouble while on vacation with my grandparents for giving a homeless man my last $15. My parents divorced when I was a kid due to alcohol addiction, I wanted to help them amend the situation but had no ability to make much of a difference.

I got off course in high school by hanging out with the wrong crowd. The feeling that I wanted to be a PA would come into my mind often, but I was dealing with my own alcohol issues at the time. I stopped drinking for good in 2004, and began taking classes at the local college. I obtained a GED and got a near perfect score that won me a scholarship for the first two years of school. I would come back and visit the new GED students and give talks on self-esteem, study habits, and goal setting. As I began to get A’s in courses like Algebra, I would stop by and let the students know what they could expect and how I did it.

The school offered me an opportunity to do a series of TV commercials promoting the programs of study at FSCJ. I agreed to do the commercials, and to my embarrassment they ran for over four years causing people in the grocery store to recognize me at times. When I took an introductory chemistry class, I wanted to test my ability, to see if I could handle the curriculum.I finished that semester with the highest grade in my class, and I began working towards my goal of becoming a PA.

I had a divorce later that year while I was taking: chemistry 1, biology 1, Spanish, and forensics. I was advised to withdraw and take some time off, but I went ahead and worked hard in spite of the circumstances. I was severely distracted during this time and got my one and only C in chemistry. I have run two businesses while being in school, and volunteered all over my community, especially with people in recovery from alcohol. I help them find housing, jobs, give counsel, and try to be a good role model for the many that have crossed my path in N Florida.

I am a certified Phlebotomist, and I have decided to become a CNA as I prepare for the GRE this August. As I did my shadowing with a PA at the ICU it inspired the passion to do whatever it takes to reach my goal. I enjoy helping people, and making a difference in someone’s health is a truly awesome experience. The PA has considerable autonomy and the support of an MD, so they can work effectively as a mid-level practitioner. This is what I want to do with the rest of my life. I hope this will help you see that I am hardworking, dedicated, and compassionate student who is going into the medical field for the right reasons, to make a difference.

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you need more of a central theme. it seems like a bunch of disjointed stories; this happened then this happened then this happened, so I want to be a pa.

also take the word "independent" out of your 2nd to last sentence. although it's true, "independent" is not a word you should be using early in your pa process. that particular word makes folks think about the np educational model and will get you into trouble. use "with considerable autonomy" instead. good luck.

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