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Non-exempt employee as PAs

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Hi all,

All of my previous PA jobs are classified as an exempt employee but I recently accepted a new job offer (1199 SEIU union) that is classified as "non-exempt". But I read somewhere that under the FLSA, workers are considered non-exempt if they earn less than $684 weekly (obviously not for PAs). Can anyone explain how PAs can be classified as this? What are some of the pros and cons for PAs working as a non-exempt employee?

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Exempt status is for “professionals” and they never kept the wage threshold up it.  PA can be exempt or non-exempt.   Depends on contract. Non-exempt is FAR better and honestly the union jobs are some of the best paying.  

thing that pisses me off for Exempt PA’s is this.  If you work in more the employer gets more(they make money off your extra efforts).  You get nothing. Nada.  In an outpatient setting with set clinic hours might not be bad, but if employer is open >40 hrs a week they are gonna screw you.  For this reason I will never work in a non outpatient setting as exempt employee. 

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