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PA Admissions and prerequisites

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Hi, I have just started searching and inquiring about PA program. I don’t understand how any majors can apply as long as the prerequisites are met.  

Some of the prerequisites are:

Bio I and II with labs

Chem I and II with labs

Problem are the 300 levels or above such as: Biochemistry, physiology, microbiology etc All these courses requires their own prerequisites before you take these courses.

My question is how did all non-majors complete their prerequisites and how long did it take?

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Hi! I am a psychology major with two minors: anthropology and health promotions... NONE of which needed the PA prerequisites! Needless to say it’s a lot of work, I graduated with 162 credits when my college required 120 to graduate. I did it in four years, but took 10+ credits a summer. This was just me though! I obviously added a lot more to my plate with the non-science minor, let alone two. My biochem class required orgo as a pre-req, but some of the schools I was most interested in wanted this anyways. My physiology class needed biology as a pre-req, and so did microbio. It’s doable, just map out your schedule accordingly. My school allowed you to take some prerequisites concurrently to the course for which they’re needed, maybe check into that! 

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6 hours ago, userpa said:

Thanks! So is it safe to assume it took 2 years additional to finish the prerequisites? Which also means additional $25-30k for these classes. Ouch 😓 


I did the basic pre-reqs and then some! Like I have medical terminology, nutrition, medical ethics, epidemiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, a toxicology course, public health, and then an internal medicine course, amongst others. I am probably not the best person to compare too, since I did WAY more than necessary (i.e, extra classes and two minors), just wanted to show you that it is possible! You got this!

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