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Hello everyone,

I am planning to apply to PA schools this upcoming cycle and I have a dilemma.

I am currently debating whether to take a job at a COVID vaccination call center or as a PT aide. Obviously, PT aide would be more desirable as PCE while the call center job is HCE, but my main debate is over the pay. I'd be making much more at the call center and I feel it is for a really good cause.

I feel that my application is pretty strong as of now with a 3.95 GPA, a little over 1000 PCE hours as a dialysis tech and a volunteer at a hospital (direct elderly patient care), over 250 volunteer hours, 40 shadowing hours, and 151q/152v/4.5 writing GRE scores but obviously I would like to continue to strengthen my application and I am concerned that I will weaken it if I am working at the call center job vs PT aide when I apply because it is not a direct patient care position. Would PA programs look down on this?

(FYI most of the programs I am applying to have no minimum requirement for PCE but suggest at least 250-750 hours)

Thank you for any advice!

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You have great PCE for the schools you are applying to and a strong application already. I don’t see any negatives for whichever job you decide to take. Take a look at your programs you want to apply to and see what their admitted student stats are. That may help you make your decision. If you are competitive against the stats then just choose the one you want to do the most. 

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