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I am the father of an incoming student, starting at the end of this month. I am uneasy with not knowing the specific reasons that Chatham's PA program in on accreditation probation. A lot of the money that could be sent there is mine. Does anyone have specific details of the reasons for probation?


clinical reasons? specifically what?


classroom reasons? specifically what?

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Absolutely. The best people to answer that question are the school or program director. And I have asked them. Unfortunately their answers are so general as to be of little use. Before spending $72,000, 2 years and the start of a career a prudent person would want to know specifics about the state of the program. It is unfortunate that Chatham can not be more forthcoming with details of the probation, and details of measures they have taken to correct the situation. Because they are not forthcoming, I can only assume that the situation is worse than a cursory examination would suggest.


I do wish Chatham's PA program success. It appears that PAs are, and will be, in great demand.

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Bad decisions, poor faculty and lack of insight can be some reasons. A lot of people might still say ah well its a good program and we have accreditation but they fail to answer, but why the probation, and why loss of faculty. It does not seem to be great in anyway, I was reading through previous posts and it's a complete mess. I wish the students good luck.

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If your son is indeed the one attending the program, then he needs to take this initiative himself. You would be entirely within your rights to refuse to fund him until and unless he finds answers that you believe to be satisfactory... but he needs to be a grown-up before he starts PA school, and that includes doing the research, asking the tough questions, and convincing you to invest in his education.

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I just graduated from Chatham and I am happy with my education.


No offense to oncopa's friend, but a few people in my class habitually complained about what I thought was a bunch of inconsequential stuff, and they generally approached the faculty as though they were against them. I genuinely found all (but one) of the faculty to be excellent. They have their quirks... like all faculty everywhere.


I passed the PANCE on my first go by a comfortable margin.


There is a new (EXCELLENT) director.


There were a couple years there without interviews in a (successful) attempt to increase diversity. That almost certainly explains the PANCE pass rate and attrition.


I know one of the reasons for the probation had to do with the Puerto Rico cohort. They didn't have equal access to resources, technology, PE lab, etc. That part of the program has been ended. (I think the PR people in my class passed the PANCE on their first try, nonetheless.)


Part of the probation had to do with ways records were kept. That's been rectified.


Anyhow, Chatham has a pretty cool structure for the didactic year. Lectures are not the primary way information is given; they supplement the work that happens in problem-based learning groups. It's great for people (like me) who generally don't learn well with spoon-fed information. It's a great start for the real world, where you encounter something and have to find the info yourself. It's also the way we see patients in real life: we usually approach a patient with a complaint, not a disease.


Plus Pittsburgh is awesome.

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I am a grad of the program, and I have no idea of the reasons for probation. Last summer, Carl Garrubba (the PD) and interm dean Jenna Templeton told our class the appeal was denied and the program is on probation. When other students asked both of them why the program was put on probation, their efforts were rebuffed. During the same summer, Luis Ramos tried to explain what happened. Unfortunately, a lot of my classmates acted rudely and roguishly toward him. He was never able to explain. One of my classmates secretly complained to Mr. Garrubba what Mr. Ramos tried to do. Mr. Garrubba apologized to my class for Mr. Ramos trying to explain the probation. Mr. Garrubba chastised Mr. Ramos and told us it won't happen again. To this day, I don't know the reasons for probation. If I had to guess, I think it has to do with the poor PANCE pass rates of the Class of 2011. If anyone has more information regarding this matter, I would like to know.

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