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HELP! 3rd year student (rotations) PA program accredited, but university is NOT!"

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Hi!<br><br>I am a 3rd yr. P.A. student from Mountain State University. I am currently on my second rotation of 9 clinical rotations, 4 weeks each. I have completed 2 years of didactic phase. I went into the program without a bachelor's degree, and the program itself is a Master's program. Our main campus lost its accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, however, our P.A. program remains accredited by the ARC-PA until 2017. Our  director has informed us of a possible "teach-out," yet other sources have stated that the HLC is unlikely to grant it. If a teach-out isn't granted, any ideas on what I should do? I know that most programs, if not all, do not except transfer students.<br>Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!<br><br>Thanks!!<br>Britt Addair

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