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I am a reapplicant, how should I fit into my PS from last year what I have done since

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So here is what I have done in the past year to improve my application based on what the adcom told me to do. How should I fit this into my PS? I am not asking anyone to rewrite my PS for me. I just wondered where in my old PS I should incorporate what I have done since. Should I keep most of my old PS and trickle in what I have done to improve? Or start from scratch and rewrite a brand new PS? Thanks in advance!


I got interviewed at Western Michigan but didn't get in. 1100 applicants/100 chosen for interviews/40 spots. They told me that I should go and get more hands on health care experience. So I left the Hospital (actually I am still technically on call so not completely gone) and got my certified nurses aid (CNA) certification, finished with the highest grade in the class. I got offered positions at the hospital I was at on the step down unit ,at another local hospital, at a long term care facility/rehab center and at LTAC Specialty Hospital. I took the LTAC specialty position because I would be exposed to more things there. The patients there are really in rough shape, from stage 4 cancer to major car accidents and alot of tracheotomy's/vent patients. I mean these people are really rough. The average stay for these patients is over a month. My job duties are that of a regular CNA but also we can do accu-checks and change wound dressings among other things as a PCT that general CNA's don't get to do. I have been working 12 hr night shifts on weekends.


I also decided to boost my GPA and look better in the science area for my schooling so I have taken Pathophysiology (4.0) and am currently taking Medical Chemistry and retaking Human Anatomy and Human Nutrition because I got B's in them about 8 years ago so I will get A's this time. I am also going to take Medical Terminology, Organic Chem, Health Law/Ethics and Pharm this fall. I plan to 4.0 all of them!


I have sacrificed alot going from a health educator at the hosptial on salary in the $40k range to a PCT making $12/hr just to get the different hands on experience!


With that being said here is my PS from last year: Please give me any advice.



At this stage of my life, I expected to be an accomplishedand secure physical education and health teacher, but with budget cuts and theelimination of two separate positions, I found myself considering my nextstep. Should I keep applying forteaching positions? Should I transitionto a different field? Many people wouldconsider losing two jobs in two years in this difficult economic period to bean adverse situation, but I viewed the upheaval as an opportunity for a newbeginning.

Pursuing an alternateroute, I accepted a position as a fitness assistant at Allegiance Health inJackson, Michigan. After making a quickand positive impact on the fitness success of those I trained, includinghealthcare professionals, I was offered the position of health educator, and itwas this unique experience that led me to pursue a career path as a physicianassistant. As a health educator, myprimary role was to meet with individual clients and guide them towards a betterquality of life through lifestyle modification. I enjoyed this position and the awareness that I had made a differencein my clients' lives by providing them with knowledge and direction.

There were times,however, when I felt I could have done much more. When a client confided in me about a diseaselike multiple sclerosis, for example, I didn't know enough about the diseaseprocess to give them the guidance he sought or the medical advice he needed,and I felt helpless. This frustrationmotivated me to learn more about the human body and the diseases that affect itso significantly. I came to theconclusion that pursuing additional education and another career would enableme to make a greater impact upon the lives of those I want to help.

My position atAllegiance Health has allowed me to shadow various professions in the hope ofidentifying my next career choice. Ishadowed nurse anesthetists and dieticians but quickly realized that neitherpath was right for me. I moved on toshadow many physician assistants for several days on a weekly basis, and soon Iwas able to envision this career as my new path. I was amazed at the broad scope of knowledgeand autonomy I observed, saw physician assistants as role models, and realizedhow well my past experiences and skills could transition into this newcareer. After spending countless hoursresearching PA schools as well as the profession itself, I felt challenged bythe opportunities that lay ahead. Forthe first time since my days of teaching, I was mentally stimulated, excited,and eager to shadow again and again.

Being a physicianassistant is more than just prescribing medicine, ordering tests, andperforming procedures; this role requires one to teach, listen, and communicatewith individual patients and their loved ones. My past experiences as a teacher, coach, personal trainer, and healtheducator will serve me well and provide the solid foundation I need to become asuccessful physician assistant. Specifically, this career will allow me to become a clinical practitionerwhile applying my background as a health educator.

Withmy relentless work ethic and the full support of my family, I am confident thatI can successfully complete a physician assistant program and thrive in mycareer.

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