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Lapsed license

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I am a PA-C (passed NCCPA exam May 2012) who has been out of practice for 7 years. I have recently been told by the Colorado Medical Board that i must pass an exam administered by CPEP in order to obtain a re-entry license. CPEP charges at least $7600 for the one day exam and then takes 8 weeks to give me the results. They say they give me a "plan" for getting back into practice and yet I have to find myself a preceptor to execute this plan. Without going into to much more detail... is there anyone out there who has been in my position? Does anyone know anyone in my position? It just seems strange that i must take a test to have someone tell me what i already know which is that i need some additional training/supervision as i transition back to practice. I would really appreciate any advice/help. Part of my dilemma is that i could pay them their $$, fail the test, and then have to go back to school???? Thank you.

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