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New-grad job

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Hey everyone! Newly graduated PA-C here, graduated in August. Due to the current job environment, I took a part-time, temporary position with a previous employer in peds. I've been gaining clinical experience since September.

While my work has been rewarding in the clinic, my ultimate goal is to work in a hospital setting or the emergency room. I'm in search of a fast-paced, team-based learning environment.

I've been applying to jobs pretty consistently for the past 2-3 months, interviewed for a few positions, only to be told they ended up hiring a PA with more experience. Is there anyone out there that can give me advice as to how to get this experience these positions are wanting?

I potentially have an offer to work at an urgent care, which would entail practicing more generalized medicine. Seems like a good gig from the info I've gathered so far - learning environment, mostly will be working with another provider, area manager who is a doc will be in close contact for any clinical questions. Still have yet to receive info about benefits, CME, malpractice, etc. 

Just needing some advice and direction at this point. I want to set myself up for success and know finding the perfect position as a new grad is rare. Any help would be appreciated!

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On 12/16/2020 at 8:57 PM, EMEDPA said:

consider an EM residency. It is the best thing you could do as a new grad to secure an excellent job in the specialty. 

Is this still the case?  In my area there are no PA EM residency grads (that I know of), but hospital adminiscritters will hire a new grad FNP to run the ED at $45/hour.  Recommend you don't send any actually sick loved ones to the rural EDs anymore.  

I used to thing the liability protections of critical access hospitals were a good thing.  I don't anymore.

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UC providers also cannot pan scan everyone while ordering stat labs and then call the consultant like our ED brethren  🙂

But yeah as a UC provider  I wouldn’t recommend UC if all possible as a new grad. It’s really useful, at least it was for me to work in a hospital for a couple years before working UC as I learned what sick looked like and I learned how certain life and  limb threatening conditions presented. While it is impossible to catch everything, you will either miss a lot or send everyone to the ER if you are a new grad especially working solo UC.. 


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