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So i’m here asking the question everyone asks and everyone says to not care about, but how important is your gpa during PA school? and what is a competitive gpa i should shoot for? Depending on how this clin med final goes, i’ll either be at a 3.5 or 3.8. is a 3.5 still competitive 

let me say: im focusing on completely  knowing everything i can rather than just trying to get As but like most people, I’m type A and want to succeed. I do know that what makes me a good provider is my knowledge and understanding rather than a transcript!  I just also want to be a competitive applicant when applying for jobs. Most people I’ve spoken to however have told me that no job had ever asked for your gpa. how exactly do they weed out the best candidate then when you don’t have experience to go off of? 

Im sorry for asking the painful question most didactic year students ask - but I just wanted to get answers from the source! Thank you all.


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The only time it might make any difference is for residency interviews, but even then experience pertaining to the specialty the residency is for matters even more, so long as you maintain 3.0 or above.

Otherwise, it does not matter at all. GPA has never come up in any of my interviews. 

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