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CASPA- appropriate to use abbreviations? bullets?

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For CASPA, is it appropriate to use abbreviations? For example I&D for incision and drainage or UA for urinalysis

and do you typically bullet your description under work experience or write full complete sentences? trying to stay under the character count is proving kind of difficult!


any responses will help! thank you

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Just keep it simple as you would for a resume. Here's what I wrote on my ER Tech duties for CASPA:


- Performing various POCT devices such as EKGs & accuchecks on adult, pediatric, and neonate patients.

- Reading and interpreting EKGs, while producing a recording of acceptable quality.

- Performing patient care activities under the supervision of an RN/MD/DO.

- Assisting with CPR, bandaging, splinting, wound care, triage, spinal immobilization, transport, blood draws for stat lab, and equipment/supplies/environmental maintenance.

- Deliver IV solutions & instrument trays that contain medications in the process of setting up for procedures.

- Taking patient vital signs

- Splinting, wound care and informing patients regarding after care instructions.

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