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Texting billing and patient info with tigertext for HIPAA compliance

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I mentioned this in another post here, so I wanted to ask about it in more detail.


I see a lot of doctors texting patient info, and I am also seeing this with billing in which patient info is texted for billing clairification and other things.


HIPAA is very specific about this kind of transfer, and it has resulted in fines as in the case of these doctors who were fined $100k:




I have been looking at this, and the only HIPAA compliant text messaging app I could find is Tigertext, which is on a secure network and the text messages are deleted after a period of time. That way is the phone/iPad is lost or stolen, the messages/info deletes providing HIPAA compliance.


Does anyone have experience with Tigertext, or others?


Tigertext seems to be used in a lot of hospitals around the country, so it seems valid.




I really do think that this texting patient info is going to be a big issue for all healthcare staff, including PA's.

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