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LMU DMS program

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Has any one completed LMU program clinical med path ? Looks like there is clinical med path or Medical education path. Lot's of MD on faculty, wondering if that implies stronger clinical curriculum. My co-worker is attending Butler and not recommending it. he says faculty is hit or miss, weekly quiz, EBM paper to critique. I am looking for a program with strong clinical med.

Maybe it doesn't exist ha! 

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Hi - I know this about a year out -here it goes for those wondering - Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) - Doctor of Medical Science (DMS) program has a fantastic curriculum - the Clinical Track is completely taught by Practicing Physicians with many years of experience - the program itself is organized/orchestrated by PAs to facilitate the transition in responsibilities/expectations/learning etc...   There is the option for the education track which could be twofold benefit (for those planning to only focus on the didactic realm or open potential opportunities for medical writing/publishing - no matter the specific focus, there is also a strong strong emphasis on medical writing/publishing - afterall we are expected to practice evidence based medicine, we should be aware of our resources, know how to analyze, and contribute to the learning community.   Most importantly the program offers an ultrasound course, taught by a board certified radiologist with many years of experience, whom emphasizes basics/hallmarks.  No matter the program you chose, please know you will get as much energy as you put into the program. 

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