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Does anyone have any recommendations for how I should prepare for PA school? I am currently in the midst of a gap year, and I am set to begin PA school in August 2021, so I am more concerned with refreshing my memory rather than burn out. Any helpful YouTube videos/playlists would be great.



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A&P and statistics were the only 2 classes that directly translated over into PA school for me. I didn't have to study at all the first few weeks in A&P in PA school as I had just retaken A&P due to a technicality and my PA school rejecting the original A&P my undergrad offered. It was immensely helpful.


On other note, I just started a youtube channel and plan to be making videos like this but am not to that point yet. You may or may not find it useful in the future. Here's the most recent video I did if you want to follow.



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Best advice that I got and glad that I took it:


You are going to learn literally everything that you need to know in PA school. Relax. Travel (hard these days, I get it). Take up a hobby. Save some money. Don't waste your time studying unless you like studying for some reason. You are going to have so many sleepless nights of studying that you will be so happy you took as much free time before starting school as possible. I don't even think that studying will put you at any advantage aside from maybe a headstart with anatomy, but even then programs focus on what they feel is important and sometimes just the way that a professor lectures will remodel your schema of a concept to make it more useful and applicable as a PA. 

Don't do it. Relax. You will have plenty of time to study in school. 

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