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LORs never got sent

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Okay, so im 23, just graduated BS Neurobiology/Physiology (1degree) 3.45GPA,


for HCE i have: 5+years as a pharmacy technician, just recently started as an ER scribe, 100+ shadowing hours in surgical PA team, first time applying,


GRE: 311, 4.0


I have everything done with my application, but 2/3 of the people who agreed to send aletter of recommendation never did...

now i'm not sure what to do, i know you need strong LORs for even a shot at an interview but i dont even have the sufficient amount.


any suggestions guys?


i have been emailing and sending reminders, but no response... one of the people who never sent theres in is a chief PA, the other is a professor

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Can you see these people in person? That is probably going to get you the quickest answer, and I would try that. Try office hours for the professor. For the PA, I'm assuming s/he is one on the team that you shadowed. If you had a regular time that you shadowed them, try showing up with a thank you card or something like that, to let the team know how much you appreciate that they gave you the opportunity to shadow, and express how much you learned from them. Then you can bring up the LOR, subtly. I would ask if they still feel that they are in a position to write the letters for you. Don't put any pressure on them or make them feel obliged to, just express an interest in whether they have the time and desire to do so. Just be really polite and understanding. If they are very busy but still want to write the LOR for you, ask if there is anything you can do to make the process easier for them. Offer to give them a resume or a short essay telling them some things about yourself that would make it easier for them to write their letter. Seeing them face to face is going to be the best way to resolve this issue. Some people are just impossible to get a hold of by email. If they do agree, let them know very clearly when you need the letter by. Some people need a deadline. Also, if all of that goes smoothly, ask them if email is still the best way to reach them. Let them know what your email address is and what CASPA's is so that they can make sure it's not going to junk mail or something.

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