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12/2/20 - free acute pain seminar by Sergey Motov, chance to win a CCME course!

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Hey everyone!  I'm a newbie here.  I am not attempting to spam the forum right out of the gate but wanted to let everyone know about a free opportunity online on Wednesday, 12/2, 5p Pacific,  8p Eastern, no purchase required.

The Center for Medical Education... the people who do the Original Emergency Medicine Boot Camp and other cool emergency-medicine-focused courses... is going to have a Faculty Forum tomorrow evening with special guest, Dr. Sergey Motov.  He has been of the biggest recent proponents in doing original research as well as publicizing appropriate uses for opioids in the treatment of pain in the acute setting (EM / UC), in addition to other nonopioid methods of pain management.  Dr. Motov's going to be putting on a mini-course summarizing a TON of information.  I have been a follower of his work and his colleagues' work for a while and I still learned a ton when I previewed his talk today.

After the mini-course, some of the EM Boot Camp Faculty (myself included) are going to be shooting the stuff, answering questions live (and probably arguing a little bit).  You can submit questions live or even send them in an little bit early.  Other than having your most burning questions answered, if you submit a great comment or question, you also have the opportunity to win:

- a copy of Dr. Motov's brand-new EMRA Pain Management Guide (from the same folks who bring you the awesome EMRA Antibiotics Guide)

- and the grand prize, ANY ONE of our CCME courses for FREE!  You could grab the Original EM Boot Camp... or if you're a little more seasoned, maybe you go for the Advanced EM Boot Camp or High Risk Emergency Medicine!  Maybe you want to get caught up on new, hot literature and so you go for the Emergency Medicine & Acute Care course.

Everyone's a winner tomorrow night because you're going to be getting some great info, regardless of whether you walk away with one of our prizes or not.  Would love to have a great PA turnout!  It would most definitely qualify for Cat 2 CME.  Let me know if you have any questions.



Mike Sharma, PA-C

Emergency Medicine

Dallas, TX



CCME Faculty Forum 1.jpg

CCME Faculty Forum 2.jpg

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      $1000/annually for CME and 3 days PTO for CME
      Malpractice covered- occurance based policy
      100% employer contribution towards monthly insurance premium for medical, vision and dental 
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