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Hello Everyone, 

I need an advice about how to report graduate course work on CASPA application. I attended professional program for two years and decided to withdraw. I failed 3 classes during second year and I had to retake them and passed them. The school I attended does not have GPA or gives traditional grading. All they record on transcript is S or H.

Now, can I just not tell CASPA on the application about the graduate course work or they will know about it? How does CASPA verify applicant course work if not reported on CASPA application?

If I know CASPA won't know about it, I would hide it.

Please advise me and thank you very much!

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I’m not sure how exactly how CASPA cross checks what schools you have attended or not, but I do know you have to attest that your grades and schools are all accounted for honestly and accurately; and if CASPA doesn't “catch” your omission, then a program might. Which would be awful for you.....not to mention the whole idea about falsely submitting an inaccurate application and the untruthfulness of that all.

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