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Hello, I had a quick question regarding when people buy scrubs. I am currently in my didactic year and was wondering if I should ask for some nice pairs of scrubs for Christmas (or if it is too early to get them?). Does it matter what color scrubs you get? I am just wondering if I should start building up my scrubs now OR are you supposed to wait till you have a job and know what color you're supposed to get? What did you do/ do you recommend?

Thanks. Sorry if this is a dumb question - its one of those that I'm too embarrassed to ask my classmates because it feels common knowledge!

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A lot depends on where you end up rotating and working. Many rotations will provide you scrubs if they want you to wear them, specifically the OR and the ER. Most outpatient rotations I'd be expecting to wear business casual.

In regards to when you start working, again it kind of depends on where you end up. No point buying a bunch of scrubs if you're going to end up in FP.

And for the record, I may have established a nice souvenir scrub collection from the various rotations...

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What Mike said. Anything surgical you have to wear the hospital's scrubs because they don't know where yours have been. If you know from students ahead of you that some sites will let you wear your own (like ER) it's worth getting a few. Darker is better (navy blue over ceil blue). Get pants with extra pockets. 

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