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Hello, I had a quick question regarding when people buy scrubs. I am currently in my didactic year and was wondering if I should ask for some nice pairs of scrubs for Christmas (or if it is too early to get them?). Does it matter what color scrubs you get? I am just wondering if I should start building up my scrubs now OR are you supposed to wait till you have a job and know what color you're supposed to get?

Thanks. Sorry if this is a dumb question - its one of those that I'm too embarassed to ask my classmates because it feels common knowledge!

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I personally haven’t gone on any rotations yet but am in my last semester of didactic and start rotations in Feb. 

I’ve boughten some scrubs for myself here and there from Uniform Advantage throughout didactic as they are fairly cheap but have only really wore them this semester during our skills labs.

As for rotations, some sites will require you to wear scrubs (I can’t imagine you having to necessarily go buy brand new scrubs of a specific color if you are just rotating through for a few weeks but, I also wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case depending on the site...) and some may require more formal business attire.  

All in all I would say probably don’t go crazy buying higher end scrubs until you know where you’re going to work and that you can’t go wrong with navy blue or black if you do choose to purchase some.

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