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Travel the world for a year?

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At the end of my 6th year of being an EM PA, I want to make the move from the east coast (NYC) to the west coast (California), but I want to travel around the world for a year to finally explore without work on the back of my mind. Do you think I should tell my future job that I took a year off just to travel, and would my future job think it's reckless or stupid to do so? Thanks!

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If you keep an accurate CV, then your future job will see you were unemployed for a year.  I don't think it is reckless or stupid.  I'm not sure how potential employers will think about you not being in practice for an entire year.  Maybe consider some stops on your travels where you could do short term locums assignment or mission work?

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On 11/17/2020 at 11:47 AM, Cideous said:

I took a year off when each of my kids were seniors in HS to spend with them.  It never hurt me, I just had to explain it well.  In fact, most interviewers were like, "wow, that's amazing...I wish I could do that!" 

Also it helps if you leave your job on good terms with a letter or two of referral.

Tell me more.  How did this work?  What did you do when they were in school?

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1 hour ago, ventana said:

Tell me more.  How did this work?  What did you do when they were in school?

Our kids each went to a co-op high school.  Basically it's considered Homeschooling, but you can take as many classes at the co-op school you want.  It's just like college, you choose the classes you want your kids to take, enroll them and they go like Monday/Wed or Tuesday/Thurs schedules.  The classes are HS level but taught exactly like a college class.  Extended time in class with mostly lecture, then the student comes home and does the work...just like a college class.  The best part is they each got High School diploma's (although you don't need a HS diploma anymore to go to college if your kid tests well on the SAT/ACT).  Anyway, this schedule allowed a HUGE amount of time to spend with each of them (my kids are several years apart).  So in the middle of the week we would take off and go to Rock Concerts together at the House of Blues in Dallas or other fun things like NBA games in the middle of the week when no one else was there.  It was awesome.

I spent about 4 years before each kid started  their senior year and started saving.  We don't take big expensive vacations so it was easy to save what we needed because we started so early.  I budgeted about 75k per kid to live on for each senior year.  We cut corners on things like eating out, but splurged on fun things like I mentioned above.  Mostly we just spent time together.  For each kid is was the best money I have ever spent in my life and both of them are extremely grateful that I took that time off.  So many people work their asses off saving for a retirement that either never comes and/or they end up strangers to their own kids.  I view being a dad as my greatest responsibility in this world.  I have friends who are estranged from their kids and just can't figure out why.  Fact is they never put in the time when they had the chance.  They always picked up that extra shift and just had to make more money.  They spent their money on new cars, bigger houses or padding their 401k, but what is all that worth if your kids want nothing to do with you when you're old?  

One piece of advice I would give. At that age you have to meet your kids where they are.  One of mine loved basketball so we did all things sporting events, the other loves music so we did all things rock concerts.  It wasn't about me or what I wanted to do, it was up to them.  At some of the bigger rock concerts there would be a handful of cool moms and dads way in the back and we would all hang out together while the kids were in the Pit. It was really fun, and I had my eyes opened to some really great bands.  Also, you can't be a dick.  What I mean is that your kid is 17-18 at this point and on the cusp of becoming an adult.  Treat them like it, and see this time with them as moving from just being a parent to also being a friend.  😀

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