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Looking for Pre-req Genetics

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Hey everyone!

So I am currently finishing my prerequisites needed to apply. At the moment I need

AP 1 (currently taking)


Chem 2

Orgo 1 & 2


I had to retake my AP classes because they expire after 7 years. YAY! My current CC doesn't have a genetics class so I am trying to find an accredited school where I can take it online and wont cost me a fortune.  The only school i've found so far is University of Phoenix at $3000. Does anyone have any suggestions?  I already have my Bachelors that didn't cover these classes as I took a different path starting my medical career. I also have to take the GRE and or PCAT ( new test replacing GRE at some schools). I am hoping I can knock these out an apply next year as I have everything else! Easy right? lol 


Thank you

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