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Personal Statement: Am I on the Right Track?

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So I have been sitting and working on this statement of mine, and fixing things here and there, but I want to make sure I am sort of on the right track. I have read others and I think mine is similar, so hopefully i'm not totally off here.


Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated- go ahead and rip it apart!



To begin, I would like to offer the definition of the word synergy-the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements and contributions. This word in itself has had meaning throughout my life and my understanding of this word joined with virtues such as a strong work ethic and willingness to learn, play a pivotal role in why I am a strong candidate to study to become a physician assistant. As a collegiate athlete playing Division I volleyball, I truly learned the meaning of synergy. First as a student-athlete I had the task of pursuing academic excellence while also being a committed athlete. My performance in the classroom and my dedication to my team had to work in unison to assure that I fulfilled my role as a true student-athlete. As a two time captain of my team, I have learned that it takes an effort from every member of your team, including players and coaches, those high in power as well as those who play supporting roles. Each of these pieces is necessary for a successful cascade of events, happening at the same time in order for a positive result both on and off of the volleyball court.

I quickly learned the importance of each piece of a team when a teammate of mine was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her knee during my freshman year. While I was mourning the loss of my teammate as she had to leave to undergo treatment, I was also coming to a realization that I had an interest in becoming a part of the healing process to help people like my teammate healthy again. . After visiting my teammate in the hospital as she underwent her treatment, I realized that it truly take a synergistic team to heal- the doctors, nurses, and physician assistants all aided in the battle against her cancer. It was after this experience, and a feeling of being unfulfilled by my current studies in Advertising that I decided to switch to a major to prepare me for a career in healthcare.

My zeal for learning and pushing my comfort zone were furthered in both my ability to complete a biomedical science curriculum in 3 years, while still supplementing my educational experience with a semester spent abroad. I was able to organize my own study abroad experience in Queensland, Australia, during which I studied both social sciences and genetics. My academic success in a completely new environment, the ability to study alongside people of cultures I had never experienced and exposure to new learning processes worked together in synergy to aid in my development as both a student and individual.

My experiences that I have had observing and working alongside both physicians and physician assistants have given me a clear understanding of how important team work is in healthcare as well as the pivotal role the physician assistant plays. I recognize that quantitatively, my accumulated experience may not be distinguishing ; however, I apprehend that qualitatively, I have had sufficient exposure to patient care ,academic rigor, and both cooperative and leadership positions that have given me preparation for success in a career as a physician assistant. Now working as a medical assistant, I find immense satisfaction from both patient interactions as well exposure to the innumerable intricacies of the human body, but I am left yearning to do more for these patients myself as well as to understand the pathology which affects them. I have been fortunate enough to see patient care in multiple settings- cancer treatment, surgical intervention, and various orthopedic specialties. Within each of these contexts I have witnessed patients young and elderly, extremely ill or relatively healthy, receive care in both conservative and more drastic ways. The team work of the healthcare team juxtaposed with the plan of care it applies to its patients to restore their health is the ultimate manifestation of synergy, and I hunger to be a part of this process as a physician assistant. It is because of these experiences and personal qualities that I hold steadfast in my belief that a career as a physician assistant would be one that would allow me the balance and synergy I have held throughout my life as a student, an athlete, and an individual, and most importantly, grant me the opportunity to have greater impact on patient’s lives.

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