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question about chem lab!

Hey everyone! I hope you are well well, I had a question about taking chem lecture and chem lab together. I currently haven't been able to get my lecture and lab together and probably won't be able to do the labs until the summer time. I am looking to apply to most of the nyc/northeast programs and wanted to know if its ok to take the labs separate?

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I think programs prefer that they’re taken concurrently; it might depend on the program. I took organic chem 1 one semester and then the lab the following semester because I didn’t realize I needed the lab portion, and it seemed to be fine.

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As long as you meet both the lecture and Lab requirements for the programs you are applying too you should be fine. Some programs also allow so many classes/credits to be "Pending" ( or still currently enrolled in) during the application and interview process. You just have to make sure that all pre-requisites are satisfied  prior to starting. Best of luck.

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