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PA-S Clinicals during Internal Med Rotation

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17 hours ago, rtPA20 said:

Question about internal med clin rotations- specifically, hospitalist medicine. Do you do the admission or the workup? What does PA-S clinical practice look like? How does it work with doing H&P, prescribing privileges (are there?), and general practice during your rotations.


Hey RT-

I work pulm/critical care, I will normally start my students off shadowing for the first shift, introduce them to the patients on our service and expect them to pick 1-2 to learn about. Following shift I like to see a progress note written about 1/2 or 2/2 of them.  Then I slowly introduce cross coverage, allowing them to field the calls from the nursing staff and run the decision by me.

I also ask them to present patients to me.  If we are on days I expect them to have beaten me to work and pre-rounded on the patient(s) so we can round on them together.  Know your labs, overnight events (talk to the nurses), what their problem list consists of and have a plan made up.

By the 3rd/4th shift I expect them to start doing admissions. My recommendation is to pick a topic/disease process/injury/surgery each shift and learn the crap out of it.  Know it inside and out. 

The ability to write orders will depend on the system, we use Epic and my students are able to enter orders in, sign them, and they come to me for approval.

Hope that helps!

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