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Pfizer says vaccine 90% effective

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13 hours ago, MediMike said:

We'll see! FDA wants to wait ~2 months after completion to assess for any major side effects, wonder if they'll give the emergency use at that point?

Everyone is trying to figure out the "cold chain" for distribution, going to be a major limiting factor.

I just want to know if my cruise in May is going to happen..

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1 hour ago, CJAadmission said:

As someone who prefers herd immunity to being a test subject...

Please all of you run out and get vaccinated as soon as possible.  😛

I am guessing hospitals will treat this just like annual flu shots: Get the vaccine or continue daily temp checks and questionnaires, N95 and face shield, etc. I can respect folks who opt not to get it. I will not be in the first wave of folks to get it, but I will get it as soon as I know it doesn't cause spontaneous human combustion...

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3 minutes ago, CJAadmission said:

Good luck Rev! I hope it doesn't turn you into a mutant. (Unless it's a cool one, like Wolverine.)

It's a risk/reward thing.  I've got a couple of comorbidities, so my odds of dying are probably in the 2% range.  Definitely would prefer a small chance of Guillan-Barre or whatever.  After all, what good is a detailed career in risk assessment if you aren't willing to live by its precepts?

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"First of all, none of us have seen the data. And the medical community needs to see that data, review that data, and see if it's substantial and if it's legitimate. 90% is a high mark to reach, so there's a little bit of skepticism with that number. But the 90% efficacy is about preventing symptomatic infections. It's not about preventing infections." Anand Swaminathan


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I'm definitely in the hot zone and have a few co-morbidities and am moving toward my decision. If the FDA is waiting two months before emergency distribution, I would consider Dr. Fauci's words yesterday. He mentioned that if the FDA clears it, both he and his family would get it. I respect Fauci regardless of the negative hype he has received from some individuals. First Responders are supposed to go first followed by senior citizens and then a potpourri of the public shared evenly over all Americans. I am fine with that roundup, and since I am now 72, if it fails, I have lived my life and am just as ready to take a chance as I did when exiting an airplane with a parachute. Most of us made it!

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