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Should extra certifications = increased pay?

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I have worked in a rural critical access hospital for 5 years. I assist gen surgery, ortho, and OB/gyn in the OR. I also see family clinic pts and see pts in the wound clinic. When needed I see pts in general surgery and ortho surgery clinic as well. 
I got wound certified and recently underwent a certification for rad/onc and am available to help them when needed. 

I already make a very good salary. I would argue that with new certifications and responsibilities it should only increase my hourly rate. Am I wrong in thinking this or even asking for a raise for these extra qualifications? 

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I think extra work and extra capability means extra pay if it has value to the organization. IMHO you have to look at it from a purely monetary standpoint. Do these extra certifications and their attendant responsibilities generate more revenue for the organization? If the answer is yes then you should ask for a raise in kind. If the answer is no then they have no "cash value". That may sound a little mercenary but it is the way of the world.

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