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Hi, I have taken micro and withdrawled to late and got an F being un educated about this. I am taking Micro right now with the same teacher but due to the pandemic and mental health reasons i am thinking about withdrawing from the course and then taking it at a different institution is this okay? 

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If you feel as though you should withdraw to protect your GPA then do what you need to do. Its fine to take it again at a different school, but you may want to be prepared in an interview to explain the F and W in the same class. There is a benefit to taking it again at another school. I took A&P at my original school, got a C+, brought my GPA down. Took A&P again a year later at a different school, worked harder, got an A.

If you do decide to retake micro, do take it at a diff school. Its beneficial to your GPA with CASPA, because it is not considered a retake if it is not the same exact course at the same exact school. SO, the grade you get in micro at the new school will be the grade you have for micro in CASPA, regardless of the F and the W from the original school. My C+ and my A were NOT averaged together for anatomy, bc they were taken at different schools, so my CASPA and science GPA improved. So the F and the new grade you get from the new school, will not be averaged, they will both contribute separately. The new grade will be the one you chose for your micro prerequisite. I hope this helped and wasn't too confusing lol!

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