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Study strategy/resources to pass the PANCE

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Hello all, 

I graduated in May 2020 and took the PANCE on June 17th and failed. I did feel a little underprepared so although I was upset, I thought I would definitely get it done the next time. I took the PANCE again last week and failed after getting just a point above my last score. I am devastated because I thought I was more prepared and felt better this time. In the past, I used PANCE Prep Pearls, ROSH review, PA exam prep, and used UpToDate to try to make a study guide. I was unable to finish the study guide based on the PANCE blueprint. 

I am wondering if anyone can give advice on a study strategy, or extra resources they used, or if they have used a tutor. I am scheduled to take the PANCE again but the soonest date in my area is the end of March. I have just about 5 months to prepare. 

Also I was thinking of purchasing the 3rd version of PPP and was wondering if anyone thinks it is worth it because I have the 2nd edition. 

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Hey sorry about this. I am just starting to prepare for PANCE (four months from now), I was reading in the forum that people found UWORLD to be helpful investment. I had only completed 30 questions out of 60 sample questions. I found it to be challenging and makes me think outside the box. Find the areas that you are weak in and try to tackle those. Also work on the time management.

Don't give up and give UWORLD a try!

Good luck to us both. 

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