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iPad for athenahealth EMR

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Athena is ok....I have no idea of cost of system as our corporation is the one that purchased system when we went to EMR years ago.  I just know that I bought an ipad several years ago and athena was not compatible at that time.  So, looking to find out if it is compatible now since I have to replace my ipad that is dying.  I was laid off in March but have gotten a contract that company uses Athena.  Only EMR I have worked with last 8-9 years.

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In my experience Athena works well for primary care (specifically FM).  The only thing I can really compare it to is the trash that is known as Allscrips though.  But, now that I work orthopedics, I don't find that Athena works overly well in ortho.  But, the fact that they now allow precharting (a change from earlier this year) makes it MUCH better.


As for accessing...I access from my personal phone, personal computer at home (so I don't have to boot up my work computer), and obviously my work computer.  All work well.

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I just use an iPhone, not an iPad.  If I'm going to be doing any actual work I just use my macbook pro as you don't have full functionality on the iPhone (or at least I don't having a measly iPhone 6).  But, I can look at my schedule or quickly look at a result that came in.

But overall...why are you planning on accessing Athena from home regularly, especially from your own device/computer?  If you have call and need access during that call then your employer should be providing you something to use.  If you don't have call, then why are you accessing Athena regularly from home?  I access from home to just look at the next day's schedule to see whether I need to show up first thing, or if my first patient or two cancelled.

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