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Recent PA grad studying for my boards. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the UWorld QBank. I can honestly say I really enjoy and like this qbank. To start, I like that the interface to take practice questions on is the same format and style as the PANCE. The Qbank has a good variety of questions ranging from easier to more challenging questions. The explanations to questions are also great because they provide in-depth yet easy to understand explanations. Overall, I think this qbank is great to use to help prep and study for boards.

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I found HIPPO was very helpful. Great lectures and testing that was on the  equal level of the NCCPA.  Have recertified a few times now, and passed each time the very first time. Whew !   I may have  posted a message in the past that stated took every 6 years and passed 6 times. I meant tp state  took the exam  every 6 years passed with first attempt.   Good luck to all. Just study cardiology, pulmonology and G.I. These are the areas that the majority of the questions are from.

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I am about to request a group discount as we have our group set. Please private message me your name and email address if you want to be included. I’m looking to send out the email by tonight or tomorrow. It will provide $200 off PANCE prep making it $295! Best wishes in whatever you end up choosing 

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