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Please help analyze this offer. I have been a PA for 3.5 years (2 years in Pain Management, and 1 year in Family Medicine)

Base salary: $98,000. 10% collections after $40,000

Malpractice insurance covered

10 days PTO (including sick days)

CME: $500. No days off for CME

No Medical, Dental, Vision

No 401K

One week call schedule (alternating between providers)

Monday through Fridays, one Saturday a month

Patient load 18-24 patients per day

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10% of collections after 40,000 what? A month? A quarter? A year?

Malpractice occurrence or claim based? If claim, tail included?

10 days PTO - Low, another week is needed in my opinion. How many holidays?

CME - Awful. Minimum here should be 1,500 and 3 days.

No 401K - Awful. You can do a IRA but cap is around 6K a year. Also means no matching.

You're on call every other week? That's terrible.


Seems pretty bad TBH. What do you make currently and why are you trying to leave?

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7 hours ago, WIPA-C said:

It's 10% of collections after $40,000 a month

Malpractice occurrence

6 paid holidays


that would be difficult to obtain and i would not count on any bonus tbh. 

No benefits and only 98k/year? No thanks, benefits can be worth anywhere from 10-20k a year. 

I'd counter 115k a year base salary with no benefits. 


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That's a pretty bad offer TBH. Awful benefits and a lot of hours/patients for low pay. The bonus is also awful and I would not count on any. What did you end up doing?

For reference, I make over 110K base salary with 10% of all collections as a bonus in ortho with decent benefits and no call/weekends.

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On 11/18/2020 at 9:28 PM, WIPA-C said:

I declined the offer.

Better luck next time! Hopefully they will have to increase the pay they offer to attract a good employee.

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