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Hey everyone, 

looking for help on deciding between schools. I was accepted to a school where I will be in the first cohort at a provisional accreditation school that begins in January. The rest of my schools I have been given interviews, but they are not until January and February, for the fall class. The new program sounds like they are prepared to go the extra mile for new students, including rotations already set up and inter-professional programs with micro-credentialing. The new school is in an ideal location, but there are other schools nearby that start in the fall. The early start to the new program puts me in a tight spot on deciding. Anyone have any suggestions? Should I take the chance and begin with the new school or wait and see of the possibility of getting into other programs. Looking to do EM in the future. Thanks!

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If you can wait financially and spiritually, I think that I would, just given COVID and especially its effect on PA education. By next fall, hopefully, there will be a vaccine.

If COVID isn't a big factor for you and the leadership of your new program has some experienced PA educators, then starting almost a year ahead is a big plus.

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I was in a similar situation and I'd say if you're confident in this inaugural class, definitely go for it! Keep in mind, some Nov/Dec interview invites may possibly be given to you from other programs between pulling off of waitlists and others denying seats, if you're really in doubts during this time crunch. Also, I had to remind myself as well that just because there are future interviews, does not mean future acceptances while you have one under your belt right now. Worst case, something will fall through with the inaugural cohort and you can keep interviewing in Jan/Feb unless you actively withdraw them.

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As others have said, if you are comfortable with the program you can accept while waiting out others decisions.

Remember a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush.  This comes from someone who accepted his first school only to be offered 2 more acceptances days AFTER I put down the deposit.  Yes I did lose my first deposit and took a school I liked better.  However even though I received 9 interviews none were guaranteed seats. 

If you are happy with the first program, accept and if another ones comes along you can always withdraw.  But you will have a program either way!  Congrats on the acceptance as only 3-5% get accepted.  That's a huge accomplishment and you need to realize that.

Good Luck on your decision and keep us informed...

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Hi everyone. I’m in a similar situation. I received an acceptance to a school that starts in January which would require me to move several states away. I am willing to do this, however have interviewed at other schools that are much higher on my list and was waitlisted in the top 10 for my #1 choice school. 
I know that there is a lot of investment that goes into starting a program and it would be very hard to do this, but has anyone ever left a program that started in January because they got accepted into a better school that starts in like June?

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C0r4l1n3    Although I did not start a program and then switch, I did Withdraw from a Jan program for a May Program start.  I will tell you every day that went by from the Jan start until the May start I was questioning if I made the right decision.  I could have been months ahead of where I am at now.  Each day was more difficult watching friends move forward while I waited to start over again also knowing I could have been out 6 months earlier ....

I know that does not answer your question, however just wanted to relay my thoughts and feelings.

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