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Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Doctorate Program

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Hi everyone,

I'm exploring doctorate programs for PAs, and I was curious if anyone is currently enrolled or has completed the program at Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Based on the curriculum, it seems doable while working full-time while raising a family, two things I was not doing while completing my PA-C/MS program. At least the curriculum seems more manageable than other programs I have explored. Is it primarily studying/test taking, followed by developing your capstone project? Or is a lot of the course load graded on discussion group responses, similar to other online degree programs?

Thank you for your help!


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So, you're looking at this, right?


1) I hate the acronym.  I'm HAPPY to have an MS, not an MPAS, and I will do a DHEd, DHSc, or DMS, but under no circumstances would I consider a DScPAS. It sounds like an ultimate Frisbee move. 4 letters is plenty for a doctorate, three is better, and 2 is ideal.  Beyond that, it looks like some funky postnominal like HCISPP, even if it does start with a "D".  Petty? Maybe.  But I already have about 120 characters worth of postnominals that I'm entitled to use, the vast majority of which I never do, but I splurged and listed 28 characters worth of postnominals on my LinkedIn profile.

2) Looks like an absolutely minimalist curriculum. It's not clear that you actually do anything other than one project, which is fine if all you want is the doctorate box checked, but I see nothing there indicating it would grow your clinical capabilities in any way.

3) It's not clear that anyone has yet been graduated with this degree; if they had, I would expect some outcome data.


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