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Ethics/HIPAA question

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Pretty sure I know the answer here, but thought I would put it out there:

Situation: I was voluntold to cover one of our UCs (a different, long, frustrating story) and had a telemed visit this morning for a mid-20s female with mild symptoms, questionably consistent with COVID.  During the visit she told me her father went to the ER for respiratory symptoms.  He was tested for COVID but she hasn't heard his results yet (she is in regular contact with her father).  Is it a HIPAA violation for me to enter the father's chart to see the results of his COVID test to know whether she was actually exposed to further guide my decision-making about testing?

Result: I didn't look in his chart and went ahead and ordered her a test.

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29 minutes ago, rev ronin said:

The above are correct.  If she'd pushed, I would have had her have him call and get the results and share them with her--trivial for a patient to get their own results.

She wasn't asking for me to look, it was simply a thought that crossed my mind, and while I rightly figured it would be a violation it also felt innocuous.  Also aware that giving her his results without a release in his chart would be a violation as well.

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