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PRE-PA -- Undergrad Options?

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Hi Everyone--

I have been trying to get some guidance on what I should get my undergrad to be in the best position. Should I get a BSN and be able to get my hours up if I don't get accepted first round in PA school? Would it be better to just get my undergrad in Pre-PA? Does anyone have some wisdom for me?

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Hi, lwilker,

Get a BSN if you want to be a nurse, not as a PA backup plan.  If you want to be a PA, you can major in anything you want, as long as you take the PA prerequisite courses at some point during undergrad.  Check PA school websites to see their prereq requirements; most schools are basically the same.  A biology or other science degree would help you get them all in, but you don't have to major in the sciences at all.  I didn't (I went back as a post-bacc student after a break from school to get my requirements in). 

As far as getting in healthcare hours, consider becoming a CNA, EMT, or phlebotomist.  These professions are good introductions to the medical field that will get you plenty of patient contact.

Hope this helps!

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I would suggest finding something you are interested in and ensure you take all the pre-requisite courses for the schools you plan on applying to.

Prior to applying to PA school, you should focus on obtaining hands on clinical experience, maintaining a decent GPA, and building your knowledge of the basic sciences.

The title on your degree doesn’t matter and likely will not be taken in to account as long as your have completed the prerequisite class work.

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