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My school bought this course for all the students in my class in order to help us as we were out of in-person school so long due to COVID.  It was a 4-day online seminar, something like 9am-4pm daily.  You could purchase the notes for an additional $45 if you wanted to, which I did.  They come mailed to your house in a big organized binder.  Everything about the course is organized and punctual.

Imagine all the main information of your entire PA school career packed into 4 long days.  That's basically what the course was.  Your experience with the course will depend on your attention span.  There are different presenters for each topic, and most of them were good, although a few were pretty dry.  All use powerpoint presentations, which line up exactly with the note binder.  There is a chance to ask questions at the end of each lecture (not during).

So did it help me?  I think it did somewhat, although I would credit my longer-term studying with PPP and Rosh as more helpful overall.  But it was good to have a different perspective on what's important to study.  Would I do it again if I had to pay for it myself?  Undecided.

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