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Failed exam

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Many students will find that study skills that worked in undergrad start to break down in PA school. There's a bunch of reasons for this. Speak with your advisor. In general, there is a limited number of things that go wrong:

  • Did you prepare enough? Have enough contact time with the material?
  • Are your study skills effective? Did you practice recall?
  • Did you use poor test taking techniques? (Not pace yourself well, change answers, etc.)

If you feel like you need a study skills overhaul, I recommend the book Teach Yourself How to Learn by Saundra McGuire.

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It happens to most everyone in PA school. I failed my first exam on the day of the white coat ceremony and felt like I did not deserve my white coat. Gotta learn this is a marathon and not a sprint and one failed exam is not the end of the world. 

Go back to the drawing board and figure out why you failed. Did you not know the material well enough? Did you change your usual method of studying?

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