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Cardiac Catheterization Technologists- for PA?

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Curious on how programs look at Cardiac Catheterization Techs? I have 10years experience Scrubbing cases, monitoring and also managing a program. 

I have a 3.0 GPA 3.2 in Science, but some of classes are approaching the 10 year mark. I did get a Bachelors of Science 5 years ago, but some of my pre reqs such as chemistry & biology I got C's.

I have excellent references from top doctors in the Cath Lab. I plan on being a practicing PA in the Cath Lab. 


I'm having a tough time on how to approach getting into a PA Program. Should I 4 classes this year and hope to get into a program? I'm worried if I slowly build up my GPA, I will have a bulk of classes drop off the 10 year mark. Or should I go fulltime back to school this Fall & Spring? I'm really confused on next steps and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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You’ve kind of answered all of your own questions. Your HCE is obviously sufficient. I’m sure you have plenty of material to work with on your narrative and you’ve established great references, one of which should be a PA. Yes you’re about to fall off the 10 year mark (some schools require some science courses within 3, 5, and 7 years, most 10) but that’s entirely on you during your application to determine in terms of what schools you’re eligible for. Take the GRE. Start your CASPA this spring. Wouldn’t sweat the C’s, your GPA is fine. If you don’t apply for the next cycle you will likely be required to repeat many of your prereq’s once they lapse over 10 years. So if that’s the case, then drop your FTE status and start retaking now. There’s your push. 

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