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School Suggestions? I pick Clinical Site?

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Hey All,

I'm confused on where to go now. The school I had applied to and thought to have a really good chance at(UND) did not offer me an Interview and I'm trying to find a direction to go. Wanted to get everyone's thoughts/ideas. I have a tech degree as a Cath Lab Technician and a Bachelors degree in Science.

I'm 30 years old with 10years Cath lab experience including 4 as a manager. I have Excellent References, a 3.0 Science GPA with a couple classes dragging me down. I'm located in South Dakota and was hoping to not have to move due to having 2 smaller kids. I had just retaken 4 classes to fulfill UND pre reqs and got a 4.0 off those classes. I have a preceptor lined up in a rural area(UND gave extra points for that and also being a neighboring state of North Dakota). 

I'm really trying to find something that will not require 2+ years out of my area. Is there certainn programs that allow me to pick my preceptor, city and state to do clinicals? I know of only a few schools out there that allow online programs, so assuming I will have to move, but hoping to only have to move for the schooling. I'm also debating on quiting my job and going back to school fultime for this year to boost my GPA and also take a couple extra classes to fulfill other schools Pre reqs. 

What's everyone's thoughts?

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I just chose my school based on this. My husband is in the military and doesn’t know where he’ll be while I’m in school, so I really wanted to have the flexibility to take clinicals wherever he was. I chose Shenandoah University because they are extremely flexible and supportive when it comes to clinical sites. Something some PA schools won’t tell you is the official PA governing body’s ONLY requirement is that you do the main “primary care” type clinicals in the U.S... so technically you’re allowed to do them anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska/Puerto Rico, etc. 

I think Shenandoah’s deadline has passed, but what I would do is reach out to schools and see how flexible they are when they answer you - you should be able to tell!

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