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MEDEX Seattle Interview 11/7/2020

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1 hour ago, Bates said:

Thanks for getting this started! 🙂 

No problem! I'm Lindsey. This is my second time interviewing for the Medex Seattle campus. I interviewed last year but was unfortunately not given a seat. Looking back, I was not as prepared as I should have been. Did a lot of growing since then and I'm excited for this second chance!

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7 minutes ago, pseudonym said:

Great idea! What an exciting time!

Where are y'all from? Are you as tickled/existentially nervous as I am about this interview? 😅

I actually live about a mile away from the UW and have been in Seattle for over 15 years, but I am originally from Yakima, WA. 

Hahah! Yes, definitely a bit more nervous than tickled! 

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4 minutes ago, PAgehopeful said:

Hello! I will be interviewing this day also! 

I am originally from Oakland, CA. but moved to the Seattle-Tacoma area 8 years ago for school! 

I'd love to do a zoom meet up before the interview to calm some of my nerves!

Oh awesome! I'm from San Jose, CA. Good to see another Bay Area native 😊 

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3 hours ago, pseudonym said:

I sent in one that I took myself against a white wall. It seems like it was accepted? Fingers crossed! 


2 hours ago, Emily5771 said:

I'll definitely just be taking it myself...but really don't want it to look like a selfie. Seems like plenty of people just do it themselves on portrait mode on their phones.


35 minutes ago, Bates said:

I just edited a photo I already had using the measuring app on my iPhone 🙂 

Thanks everyone!! Good to know we all had the same thought with this. 

My walls at home are an off yellow. I threw it back to 5th grade science fair and used one of those tri-fold poster boards. Whatever it takes? 😅 🤣

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42 minutes ago, marigold47 said:

I also received an interview invite for the 11/07 interview conference. I am so excited and definitely nervous! I would also love to meet up on a zoom call with everyone sometime beforehand. 

Hi, congratulations! Yes, let's plan for a zoom.

Wondering what day of the week works best for everyone? How about the Sunday prior to the interview (11/1/2020)?

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Last year, I believe we received a snail mail letter with our interview invitation along with what to expect on interview day. The confirmation email (the one we receive after sending our confirmation of attendance) indicates that conference documents will be sent out a few days prior to interview day! 

We had 3 interviews total. Each time with 2 other interviewees and 2 interviewers from faculty/staff. We also had a student panel and a group activity. Overall I sensed that the school genuinely wants to get to know you as a person. I would say be yourself, the best and authentic version of you! I think that a current student posted the format on the main thread for this year if you want to check out their advice/take on it as well! 🙂 

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