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 As a successful online nationwide Pance tutor since 2010, those are the words I hear most from students who email me or who call me. They are all quite upset and worried. Some missed passing by a few points and others scored in the 200’s.

Every week I usually answer about 20 Pance help emails to www.PrecipioLearning.com or by phone calls.

On calls, I spend 20-35 minutes chatting with these students who are very upset and understandably anxious. 

I let them know that failing this test doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t know enough, but that their next step is to determine if they failed because of;

 - A Lack of understanding of simple Pathophysiology

- Their school’s failure to prepare the student

- Poor Test taking technique

Or because of all three…..

 Often times it’s just test-taking technique or depending on memorization too much.

 I am happy to be of service.

Most of these students take my advice and go on their way and I never hear from them again.

Others keep in touch and call me back for more advice from time to time. 

PAs are such a perfect addition to our healthcare system.

I worked with many awesome PAs during my long tenure as an ER MD and Internist.

I believe in PAs….and I help them because I believe they are what we sorely need in today’s world! 

 - Remember….

“From time to time we All stumble and that…..we need to get right back up stronger than we were before!”

 All The Best,

John Athas, M.D. (retired)


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I failed the 2020 PANCE not once, but twice. And the second time even with feeling more confident in the material and having a lot of time to study because of COVID-19 quarantine, I only increased my score by 2 points. At this point, I was at a complete loss and had no idea how to move forward. And then I found Dr. Athas. I contacted him via the website and he gave me a personal phone call the next day where he sat there and got my story and said that he could help me. I purchased his online lecture series and started with that on my own first. I followed his plan of watching lectures and then doing practice questions until I was through all the body systems. I then scheduled tutoring sessions with him to go over my highly missed topics. In our phone tutoring sessions Dr. Athas taught me his approach to answering test questions and we not only reviewed all the areas I was unsure about but also went through a series of practice questions together and broke them down. When I went into my test the third time, I took the test just how we had practiced. I increased my score by 77 points and passed my PANCE!! I can't thank Dr. Athas enough for his help and guidance! His online program and phone tutoring sessions were extremely helpful to me and it shows in my score! He really cares about his students and their success and is passionate about medicine and you can tell in his voice and how he teaches.

I am now a certified PA and I truly have Dr. Athas to thank for that! I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with the PANCE. He will sit with you and take the time to make sure you go into the exam a confident student and leave it a certified PA!

All the best,

A happy PA-C 

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