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Hello all!

Has anyone taken Pharmacology online at Doane? I'm exploring my options, but leaning more towards Doane University at the moment. ANY type of feedback regarding the course or other schools ya'll may have completed it at would be greatly APPRECIATED! 

Thank you so much in advance 

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Hi there! I've been researching the same thing as well, because I was planning on taking the course soon. I heard UCSD Extension also offers it, and it's weekly paced (an assignment every week), and completely doable if you're someone still working full time!

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      I know that schools normally want you to take labs for prereqs in person. Has anyone heard from schools about labs being online due to covid and if those can satisfy the prereq requirement for classes requiring labs? Ex would be chemistry 1 lab or microbio lab. Not sure I'll have the option to take those labs in person, so I'm trying to see if the online version from my local university will work.
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      Im curious about the difficulty of the course and wether or not the exams/finals are open note/internet. and if so, is it easy to find solutions online to the questions along with good explanations.
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      I am a Pre-PA applying for the second time this cycle. 
      I took 3 science classes this spring to boost my gpa, which is what held me back last year. I'm worried it won't be enough, so I'm considering taking an online pathology course. I found that the University of Minnesota offers it. Has anyone taken this course from this institution? Did you take it else where? Is there another science online course you took in the summer?
      Thank you in advance,
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      Hey Pre-PAs' 
      Trying to find a Genetics course 100% online to enroll myself in. The ones I've looked at either  don't offer it or it's class M-F. Please let me know !! And it'd be awesome if it was a community college per cost and a PLUS if it was in TEXAS. So again I need a Genetics 100% online class since that is my only class left in applying for PA Programs.
      **I just came out of work so I feel like I'm messaging and then re-stressing the critical lab value to the attending hahaaa while typing this up. 
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      Hi everyone!
      I am enrolled in the Biochem course online at Doane University starting May 25. I was wondering if those who have taken this course before recommend the digital version of the textbook or the paper version? If I buy the digital version, will it be missing certain materials I will need for the course (ie. CDs, access cards)?
      Thank you in advance!
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